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  • Real Estate Open Houses (Does It Really Work?)

    Thursday, September 20, 2018   /   by Ben Pickthorn

    Real Estate Open Houses (Does It Really Work?)

    Do real estate open houses really work? Watch this video to find out why agents really do open houses.

    There are two real reasons why real estate agents do open houses. 1) To get more clients and 2) To get maximum exposure for your property. This is a two-fold issue.

    To gain more clients, to work with more people, to close more sales, to make more money. If they are a good agent they want to do a great job for their client. They want to maximize exposure and get as many eyeballs on that property as humanly possible. How do they do that? Watch this video to find out!

    This video will give you real estate open house ideas and real estate open house tips. Does it really work? How does real estate work? How does real estate investing work? What does an open house follow up script look like? These and more of your open house questions are answered in this weeks video.

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